Toriad -Manuel Rocha Iturbide (Mexico)

Thur 28 & Sat 30 July 2011 – 12pm
Clock Tower, High Street, Bangor

UK Premiere of a live performance by Mexican sound artist, Manuel Rocha Iturbide.

With four professional hairdressers, secreted microphones and an amplification system, Iturbide offers free haircuts then processes the resulting sounds into a live composition on Bangor high street.

Drop by for the sounds and get a free haircut too!

More About Toriad

Iturbide developed the idea for this performance after traveling to India where he found hair cutters working on city streets. Talking to Bangor Sound City he said:

“It made a big impression on me. I was fascinated by the different hair cutting sounds, the changing speed and the varying rhythms. It sounded like a new kind of bird or flying insect! During the performance, I’ll modify and amplify the sounds made by the four hairdressers, bringing Welsh hair-cutting onto the streets.” – Manuel Rocha Iturbide


Its free to attend, no ticket necessary (but see below to book a free sonic haircut).

Free Sonic Haircuts

Book your free sonic haircut below (your choice of style, of course, but dry cuts only):



Iturbide will also be working with five sound-artists and composers from north Wales in a ‘masterclass’ workshop to produce a new sound artwork. You can hear the finished piece in Bangor Cathedral. More info here.


Presented by Soundlands for Bangor Sound City.

In collaboration with Real Institute. Bangor Sound City is supported by Pontio and funded by Arts Council of Wales.

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