Iturbide Masterclass

Iturbide Masterclass – Manuel Rocha Iturbide (Mexico)

Workshop: 25 – 27 July 2011, Bangor University
Show: 28 – 30 July 2011, Bangor Cathedral

To coincide with the Toriad performances, Mexican sound artist, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, runs a Masterclass workshop for five sound artists and electroacoustic composers drawing on his experience as an international sound artist, composer, researcher and curator.

Participants Alistair Attard, Scott Flesher, Ed Wright, Emma Louis and Chaparral Andrew Hodges will create a new sound artwork which will be premiered in Bangor Cathedral.

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Presented by Soundlands for Bangor Sound City in association with Pontio.

In collaboration with Bangor University, Electroacoustic Wales and Bangor Cathedral. Thanks to Prof. Andrew Lewis and Michelle Freeman.

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