Sounds for an Empty House

Sounds for an Empty House

26 – 27 June 2021

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Soundlands and Plas Bodfa Projects presents:

Sounds for an Empty House – an audio exploration of Plas Bodfa

A 100-year-old manor house, currently empty of human residents, but far from silent. Its structure channels gusty winds through drainpipes, creating baritone whispers. Gaps in the roofing slates allow smaller bursts of air to enter and dissipate softly into echoing voids. A fidgety family of jackdaws inhabits one spacious attic, while bats silently occupy another. Water drips through unseen drains. A panel edged with crackled tape exhales. A vent flaps. Something, somewhere shutters.

Part 1

Sounds from an Empty House

LISTEN – to a 24-hour live-stream from Plas Bodfa

Sounds created by the house itself and its immediate surroundings will be live-mixed, augmented and manipulated by invited, local sound artists and creatives.

  • Saturday, 26 June, beginning at sunrise (05:00)
  • live for 24 hours until
  • Sunday, 27 June, ending at sunrise (05:00)

24 sound artists and creatives participating in the live stream:

Including: Accretion Entropy, Amy Sterly, J Milo Taylor, Andy Hodges, Angela Davies, Rob Dickson, Lee Green, Lisa Heledd Jones, David Hopewell, Kathy Hopewell, Andrew Hooker, Melissa Pasut, Graham Hemborough, Thomas Meilleur, Katherine Betteridge, Ynyr Pritchard, Zoe Skoulding, Alan Holmes, Mark Albrow, Carl Osaki Richardson, Glyn Roberts, Bev Craddock, Super Group

Listen Live

Part 2

Sounds for an Empty House

CREATE – sound works for Plas Bodfa.

Recordings of the live-stream, along with sounds from the house in various weather conditions, will be available to creatives world-wide to use in the composition of a new work.

The submissions from this open call will be co-published as a joint digital album with with three Welsh experimental music labels : Amgueddfa Llwch, Listen to the Voice of Fire, and Recordiau Prin.

  • Deadline for submissions: midnight 31 July, 2021

submission info coming soon


Sounds for an Empty House is a project of Soundlands and Plas Bodfa Projects in collaboration with Amgueddfa Llwch, Listen to the Voice of Fire, Oscilloscope and Recordiau Prin.