• Maud Seuntjens

    Maud Seuntjens

    Maud Seuntjens is Artistic Coordinator at Musica, Impulscentre of Music and Klankenbos.

  • Jana Winderen portrait

    Jana Winderen

    Jana Winderen is an artist with a background in mathematics, chemistry and fish ecology.

  • Brian Briggs portrait

    Brian Briggs

    Dr. Brian Briggs is senior reserve warden at the WWT centre in Llanelli.

  • Karine Décorne portrait

    Karine Décorne

    Karine Décorne is Artistic Director at Migrations.

  • Gilles Helsen portrait

    Gilles Helsen

    Gilles Helsen is Artistic Coordinator at Musica and Klankenbos, Europe’s largest collection of sound art in the public space.

  • team

    Chris Watson

    Chris Watson is one of the world’s leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena.

  • image Dominic Chennell

    Dominic Chennell

    Dominic Chennell is Curator at Soundlands.

  • team

    Guto Roberts

    “I think the Soundlands project is very interesting. Many people come to Cwm Idwal to enjoy the peace, but once…

  • team

    Ceri Hand

    “I am delighted to be a judge for Soundlands, which is a great sound art commissioning initiative. It’s always great…

  • team

    Annea Lockwood

    “In 2012 I had the great experience of working with Soundlands and Bangor Sound City to present one of my…