Ring Out

Ring Out – Ray Lee

Sat 15 & Sun 16 September 2018

  • 12pm – Ring Out
  • 1pm – Aphelion
  • 2pm – Ring Out

Holy Trinity Church, Llandudno, Wales  | Free

Award winning sound artist Ray Lee brings his monumental outdoor interactive sound sculpture to Wales in a special collaboration with North Wales bell ringers.

Ring Out is a dramatic outdoor musical and visual spectacle. Eight giant metal towers, each five meters tall, house suspended loudspeakers. These ‘speaker-horns’ swing back and forth creating an unique and entrancing concert reminiscent of a peel of bells.

Ring Out continues Ray Lee’s distinctive combination of sound and kinetic sculpture that pushes at the boundaries of street-art in public spaces.

In an exciting exchange, local Bell Ringers will operate the Ring Out speaker-horns and also perform a new score, ‘Aphelion’ written specially by Ray Lee to be rung from their own bell tower at Holy Trinity Church.

Suitable for all ages.

About the Artist

Ray Lee makes music that moves. He is an award winning sound artist and composer who creates spinning, whirling, and pendulous sound installations and performances that explore ‘circles of ether’, the invisible forces that surround us. His immersive and mesmerising works such as the world-wide hit Siren, the Ethometric Museum and his monumental outdoor work Chorus aim to make contemporary music accessible and engaging for a wide audience.

He is a Professor in Sound Art at Oxford Brookes University.

I build machines that make sound. The fact that they often move means that the sound itself is being modulated by the movement. In my approach it is not possible for me to have the sound in any way separate to the physical structure, object, or machine that produces the sound.

What I’m trying to do is to create intensely live musical experiences for my audience, experiences that you have to witness first-hand, and experiences that you share with the rest of the audience.” – Ray Lee

Press quotes from reviews of previous work:

“Mesmerizing” – New Yorker

“like ingesting a mild hallucinogen” – Plank, Vancouver

“Utterly wonderful,” – Editor, New Scientist



Presented by Soundlands in association with LLAWN06 and in collaboration with Holy Trinity Church. Soundlands is funded by Arts Council of Wales.

Thanks to Holy Trinity Church and North Wales Association of Bell Ringers.


  • Composer – Ray Lee
  • Commissioned – Soundlands
  • Funded – Arts Council of Wales
  • Performers – Holy Trinity Church Bell Ringers
  • Tower – Holy Trinity Church, Llandudno

Ring Out

  • Concept and Design – Ray Lee
  • Co-design and fabrication – Martin West, 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Centre
  • Produced – Simon Chatterton
  • Commissioned – Oxford Contemporary Music
  • Funded – PRSF New Music Biennial 2017, Arts Council England, Oxford Brookes University
  • Technicians – Martin West, James Ball, Edward Collins, Graham Elstone, Tony James, Rob Lee
  • Performers – Holy Trinity Church Bell Ringers

Funders, Partners & Sponsors