Weather Gage

Weather Gage – Yann Seznec (USA / Scotland)

15 – 20 March 2011
Garth Pier, Bangor (open 8.30 am – 5.30pm)

in collaboration with northern bloc

Yann Seznec installs a newly commisoned sound artwork on Garth Pier. Weather Gage utilises minature technology to allow the weather to make music! Mini-windmills, solenoids, and hand-built circuits link the wind on the pier to customised glockenspiels in one of the pier’s mini-pavillions.

Weather Gage harnesses the wind to control music. The wind-speed is mapped to a series of custom-built glockenspiel notes, creating a beautiful electro-mechanical response to the constantly changing weather conditions on the pier.


Elizabeth Edwards and Adam Cooke

Meanwhile in a neighbouting pavillion, northern bloc presents Tasseography by Elizabeth Edwards and Adam Cooke.

Tasseography is an interactive sound environment inviting you to explore tea’s place in the past, present and future. Featuring an outsized tea set and special sensors, this easy to use music device turns the audience into performers.


See Yann Seznec’s Weather Gage blog post.


Refreshments available on Garth Pier at the Tearooms.


Weather Gage & Tasseography are FREE. Entrance to Garth Pier is 25p.

Did you know?

The name Weather Gage comes from an old nautical term for the positioning of ships relative to each other in battle, and it is also a term for a device which measures the weather.

Thank you

Presented by Soundlands for Bangor Sound City in association with Pontio.

Co-commission between Bangor Sound City and northern bloc. Elizabeth Edwards and Adam Cooke appear courtesy of Glyndwr University. Bangor Sound City is funded by Pontio and managed by Datrys. Thanks to Bangor City Council.

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