Bangor Cathedral Songsmith

The Bangor Cathedral Songsmith sings a story that goes back to the 6th century when a simple wooden fence was built around a small monastery. This fence was called a bangor. Around this bangor a small community began to grow. Today the Cathedral sits at the heart of what is now called Bangor city.

The walls of the Cathedral are soaked in the prayers and song of the thousands who have visited over the centuries. Although layered with a long and rich history there is a modern vibrancy about the Cathedral that comes from the bustling city center. This story is told by the current Canon, Canon Dr. David Fisher. His voice is stirred into a composition including the Bangor Cathedral Youth Choir, an ancient pontifical that resides inside the Cathedral sung by Joseph Harper, and sounds from the city center.

Fittingly this Songsmith repairs a crack found in the Cathedral’s historical boundary wall. It can be found nearby the stepped entrance to the Bangor Cathedral adjacent to a lively pub called The Castle.

Contributors: Canon Dr. David Fisher (narrator), Joseph Harper (song), Bangor Cathedral congregation (song), Bangor Cathedral Youth Choir (song), Eve Butler (narrator), June Marshell (narrator).