Open Call – Sounds for an Empty House

Open Call – Sounds for an Empty House
juillet 24, 2021 admin

Deadline for submissions midnight 14 September, 2021

Create a new audio composition for the ‘Sounds for an Empty House’ album.

Use recordings from the 24 hour Sounds for an Empty House live-stream as your source material.

Selected submissions will be released as a joint digital album with Welsh experimental music label Amgueddfa Llwch.

How to Submit

  1. Read the FAQs below.
  2. Create a new audio composition using this ORIGINAL AUDIO.
  3. Upload your audio composition HERE.
More on the Live-stream Original Audio Upload


Who can take part?

Anyone. For example, you can be:

  • in any part of the world

  • of any previous experience or none

  • any age

Can my new audio composition be anything?

Your composition must:

  • only use the original audio as source material (from the Plas Bodfa 24-hr livestream and recordings)

  • be an entirely new composition

  • be submitted through the online form by midnight 14th September 2021, (UK time).

Your composition can be :

  • any genre or style

  • any length

  • edited, mixed, manipulated, processed or sampled in any way from any or all of the original audio

What form is the original audio in?

The original audio is available as WAV files. There are:

  • Recordings from the 24 hour live-stream created by 24 artists, separated into the individual one hour sections. Each section contains:
    • final stereo live-stream mix (one file)
    • eight group mixes (eight files)

The group mixes were recorded from the mixing desk ‘group busses’  prior to the sounds combining into the final stereo mix.  This enables you to access some sounds in isolation.

  • Additional recordings:
    • discrete recordings of the house in windy conditions in 10 locations (ten files)
    • sonification by etchasketch of the Virgina Creeper growing in Room 1 (one file)
    • flies in upstairs room (one file)

Can I submit more than one track?

Yes, but you need to submit each one individually.

What about copyright and sales?

You retain any copyright in your new audio composition. You permit us to include your audio composition on the ‘Sounds for an Empty House’ album. The album will be made available for free. No fees will be paid.


Sounds for an Empty House is a project of Soundlands and Plas Bodfa Projects in collaboration with Amgueddfa Llwch.

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