Bangor Sound City

Bangor Sound City is a not-for-profit project by Soundlands, aiming to make positive contributions to Bangor and its environs through the sound arts.

Wet Sounds launched Season One with a unique underwater sound performance at Bangor Swimming Pool. Toriad was a live performance by Manuel Rocha Iturbide working with four professional hairdressers. The season concluded in grand fashion with the micing-up of the Menai Suspension Bridge and a touring Sound Car.
Season Two opened with the recreation of three seminal Annea Lockwood Piano Transplants of which the installation Piano Garden is ongoing. This was followed by a live performance of Electronic Guy by Benoît Maubrey and the return of Joel Cahen’s Wet Sounds underwater performance.

The final two artworks for season 2 will be the result of an open call to sound artists.


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