Dinas Sain Bangor

Prosiect Dinas Sain Bangor gan Seindiroedd, sydd â’r nod o wneud cyfraniadau positif i Fangor a’i hamgylcheddau drwy’r celfyddydau sain.

Bydd Dinas Sain Bangor yn trefnu celf sain gyhoeddus dros y misoedd nesaf. Lansiodd y tymor gyda Wet Sounds, perfformiad sain tanddwr unigryw ym Mhwll Nofio Bangor.

Toriad was a live performance by Manuel Rocha Iturbide working with four professional hairdressers. Gardd Pier was adopted for Yann Seznec’s Weather Gage.

The season concluded in grand fashion with Jodi Rose’s micing-up of the Menai Suspension Bridge and a touring Sound Car.

Season 2 opened with Annea Lockwood’s recreation of  her three seminal Piano Transplants of which Piano Garden is ongoing.

This was followed by a live performance of Electronic Guy by Benoît Maubrey and the return of Joel Cahen’s Wet Sounds underwater performance.

Following our first ‘open call’ for two new commissions in Bangor and Cwm Idwal, Rebecca Horrox presented Teffradot Opera Walk (which can still be experienced) followed by Jenna Burchell’s Songsmith to close the second season.